About Freight Funding

Freight Funding is the truckers’ leading full-service factoring agency. Freight Funding pays freight bills, supports, and encourages the growth and success of small to medium-sized trucking companies.

Freight Funding

Freight Funding Guarantee

We guarantee you are paid for by offering the best and most reliable service in the industry. We specialize in the transportation industry and understand the complexities of your business. We partner with you to choose a plan that meets your needs. You can also take advantage of the many programs we offer along with this plan.

Trailer leasing
Lease New or Used

Trailer Leasing

Our Wagon Leasing relationship allows us to give our customers the option of leasing new or used non-specialty trailers. Get hauling immediately.

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Free Broker Credit Checks
Instant Reporting

Free Broker Credit Checks

For your benefit, we have FREE online broker credit monitoring. The service is available 24-hours a day and offers country-wide information on brokers.

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Instant Cash Flow

Same Day Funding.

We offer same-day funding for legible copies received by fax or email. For originals, We are able to offer affordable shipping via FedEx.

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Freight Funding is Administrative Freedom.

We offer professional collection service with experience. By removing administrative burdens, we allow your organization to focus on building your business! We invoice the clients the same day to ensure they pay their bills on time, and we call for payment for any freight you transport. You can also monitor your account status with detailed updates on your business 24/7.

The Freight Funding Mission.

Freight Funding dedicates quality customer service to our clients. We’ve improve the bottom line for small to medium-sized transportation companies. We invest in our clients and strive to deliver our long-term commitment by building a trustworthy partnership that is a foundation to succeed. We continue to treat our customers and affiliates with respect just as it does its own team members.

Freight Funding Mission

Make the smarter choice for cash flow with Freight Funding.