Achieve More With Winfactor.

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Interactive Homepage

The Client Portal's home page is an informational dashboard that includes four tiles across the top with Accounts Receivable, Receipts, Fundings, and Charge Backs.

Mobile Friendly

Check the status of your account and manage everything at any time and anywhere with your mobile phone. Winfactor makes it easy to manage on the go.


The Client Portal works on a desktop, tablet, or phone screen! No matter what type of device you use, we've got them covered. Use any tablet or laptop you're comfortable with.

Freight Funding is Administrative Freedom.

With our fully capable account management team and the power of Winfactor, keeping the trucks hauling has never been simpler. Get the funding you need quickly and manage your trucking business with ease. Freight Funding has your back.

Make the smarter choice for cash flow with Freight Funding.