Freight Factoring Arkansas

Freight Factoring Arkansas: Getting Started

Assuming your company is in Arkansas, you may have asked yourself, “where can I find freight factoring in Arkansas?” Let’s find out!

If you aren’t sure what factoring is or why it’s essential to your trucking business, I encourage you to learn more about recourse and non-recourse factoring so you can get a better idea of the capital purchasing power factoring delivers.

Why Search for Freight Factoring in Arkansas?

Arkansas is a crossroads state that allows for the intersection of Interstate 40 and Interstate 55. Combined with the massive freight hub of Memphis, TN, and rail yards on both sides of the Mississippi River, Eastern Arkansas has become home to many factories, both industrial and agricultural. It comes at no surprise since The Arkansas River and Mississippi River provide nutrient-rich alluvial soil for farmers. On the industrial side of things, Arkansas is renown for low-cost energy, which creates an ideal environment for factory production of goods.

Arkansas River Tugboat and Barge
Arkansas River Tugboat and Barge

With this perfect storm type of scenario in Eastern Arkansas, the demand for trucking is increasing every day, but there’s more to it than that. Arkansas is the home of Wal-Mart and J.B. Hunt in Northwest Arkansas. These two companies alone provide much of the United States with consumer goods delivered by truck.

Walmart and other freight brokers may have their trucks; still, there are many products they carry that are delivered by contractors and independent logistics operators, and the demand is growing. Many of these contractors will haul for vendors of Walmart or Walmart directly. As a result, lots of invoices created are in terms of Net 30, Net 40, and even further out. While the loads might be plentiful in Arkansas, sometimes having to wait for your payments can be a struggle. That’s where factoring in Arkansas comes in handy.

Freight Funding, LLC: The Solution

Freight Funding, LLC is a Jonesboro, Arkansas based business located conveniently off of Interstate 555. Our team of account specialists, combined with our leadership experience in freight brokering and logistics, provides valuable insight to help you make the best decisions as an owner-operator or fleet manager.

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