NON-Recourse Factoring: The Freight Funding ADVANTAGE

Non Recourse Factoring


Non-recourse factoring is the most popular form of invoice funding, representing around 85 percent of all factoring transactions.

Mitigated Risk Cash Flow

Due to the credit checks we provide, the risk is mitigated with relatively low exposure and cash flow is immediate.


Wide list of licensed brokers, carriers, & freight forwarders; bigger credit limits for your customers.

Knowledgeable Staff

Freight Funding business development specialists will help you tailor a factoring solution for your trucking company.

NON-Recourse factoring: Who's It For?

Like the name, in the event that an approved and funded invoice is not paid, the client is not obliged financially to Freight Funding. No recourse is rendered against the client for unpaid charges. Freight Funding monitors credit and carries out all of the collection and bookkeeping functions on account debtors. This does not eliminate the client from all the intention of paying the invoice. The client is responsible for resolving any conflicts over the product or service.

Make the smarter choice for cash flow with Freight Funding.

Freight Funding Customers'


"I have been a client of Freight Funding since 2009, and I highly value and appreciate their services. Freight Funding gives us the freedom to focus on our drivers and customers. I would recommend Freight Funding to anybody that wants his money in the quickest manner compared the other factoring companies out there."

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Esther G Client

"Freight funding is always a pleasure to work with. Their office staff are very friendly, professional and always on time. If ever there is a question, Brittany is prompt with a thorough answer. As a company, we can definitely say that Freight Funding has made our funding process hassle-free and simple."

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Brenda O Client

"We have been with Freight Funding for years. They are very good people, no matter what the situation is they go out of their way to help everyone. All the people I deal with there are very polite and very easy to deal with. I would recommend Freight Funding to anyone that is just starting their business. Their rates for funding are very low and the job is done correct and promptly. Thank you Freight Funding for all your help throughout the years."

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John S Client