Truck Driving and Me

Truck Driving and Me: Frequently Asked Questions

Truck Driving and Me: What does it take to get into a truck and haul goods for a living? We’re glad you asked. Our team along with some of our best clients have done a lot of research. We’ve compiled our sources so you can easily find the solutions to common questions.

Truck Driving General

We are located in Jonesboro, AR in the heart of Northeast Arkansas. Our nearest schools are in Paragould, Newport, and Jonesboro. This will vary from state to state, but you should have no trouble finding one near you by using a quick google search. If you are already licensed but looking for help getting authority, give us a call or contact us today for information.

Depending on the type of training you want to learn, there are two parts to truck driving school. There is a physical set of skills you will learn, followed by a mental evaluation of your acquired skills.

It’s a truck driving school, after all, so you should expect lots of cab time. Soon you’ll be driving, and your driver training is going to be in full swing. Driving is the physical part of the work, the core of your truck driver training, and something you will continue to adapt to as conditions change in the industry throughout your career.

The other part of your job is the psychological part, and you should expect a great deal from your truck driver training: to learn about the rules and regulations governing truck drivers on and off roads. They are, of course, linked to the job of driving a truck, but you will be taught the rules and regulations separately.

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Truck Driving and Me: Getting Qualified

Now that you’ve made up your mind on pursuing a career, continue on with qualifications.

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