Freight Funding is Financial Freedom.

It may be challenging to get the money you need to grow your business, especially if you know the money comes, but you are not sure when. Freight Funding helps companies of all sizes to overcome this with same-day funding for your invoices.

Factoring: Who's it for?

Does your business have unpaid invoices? Don't wait for compensation for 30, 60, or even 90 days. An invoice factoring company will instantly improve business cash flow if you need working capital now. Our innovative factoring solutions help companies of all sizes get the financing they need to expand quickly.

Cash Flow.

The life of your business depends on cash flow. Freight Funding is the smart choice for turning accounts receivable into cash flow.

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Administrative duties can weigh you down. Our professional team can pay the bills for you. Stay ahead of the game and let us pay the bills.

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Make decisions with confidence and peace of mind. Freight Funding has your back. Our factoring services come with stability.

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Make the smarter choice for cash flow with Freight Funding.

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Jeremy Ragsdale

Jeremy Ragsdale - President

Trucking is in my blood.  I spent a lot of quality time with my dad on the road. I worked at trucking companies and logistic departments until my wife and I began Freight Funding in 2008. I am also a full time dad and husband and enjoy quality time with my family,

Chief financial officer

Sarah Ragsdale

Sarah Ragsdale - Chief Financial Officer

Jeremy and I started Freight Funding to make sure our clients receive the funds they need on a daily basis. If I’m not at work I’m probably taking kids to various activities but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m just a girl who fell in love with a guy in the transportation industry!

Business Development Manager

Susanna Holk

Susanna Holk - Business Development Manager

I was born and raised in Arkansas and spent my childhood on our family farm. I attended Auburn University before returning to Arkansas State University. I’ve worked in nearly every area of this industry. My greatest blessings are my two beautiful granddaughters, my family, and time spent with them.

Account Executive Supervisor

Brittany Ferguson

Brittany Vaughn Account Executive Supervisor

I have 2 amazing boys ages 8 and 3, so who has free time? When my boys are older I may be able to explore other interests but right now my life revolves around them. As for my career at Freight Funding, I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time and landed this amazing job in September of 2014.

Ejecutivo de Cuentas

Lydia Lopez

Lydia Lopez - Account Executive

A born and raised California girl, I graduated high school in 2014. After high school I moved to Jonesboro Arkansas. I like spending time with my nieces, nephew, and little brother. I’ve been working at Freight Funding since November 2017.

Digital marketing director

Lee Quessenberry

Lee Quessenberry - Digital Marketing Director

I am a motivated web developer and media producer that builds multimedia projects, interactive web experiences, and solutions with internet technologies. I like to spend time with my wife living life to the max. I’m also a barbecuer, duck hunter, and Star Trek nerd.

The Freight Funding Mission.

Freight Funding dedicates quality customer service to our clients. We’ve improve the bottom line for small to medium-sized transportation companies. We invest in our clients and strive to deliver our long-term commitment by building a trustworthy partnership that is a foundation to succeed. Freight Funding continues to treat its customers and affiliates with respect just as it does its own team members.

Freight Funding Mission

Freight Funding Customers'


"I have been a client of Freight Funding since 2009, and I highly value and appreciate their services. Freight Funding gives us the freedom to focus on our drivers and customers. I would recommend Freight Funding to anybody that wants his money in the quickest manner compared the other factoring companies out there."

Client Photo
Esther G Client

"Freight funding is always a pleasure to work with. Their office staff are very friendly, professional and always on time. If ever there is a question, Brittany is prompt with a thorough answer. As a company, we can definitely say that Freight Funding has made our funding process hassle-free and simple."

Client Photo
Brenda O Client

"We have been with Freight Funding for years. They are very good people, no matter what the situation is they go out of their way to help everyone. All the people I deal with there are very polite and very easy to deal with. I would recommend Freight Funding to anyone that is just starting their business. Their rates for funding are very low and the job is done correct and promptly. Thank you Freight Funding for all your help throughout the years."

Client Photo
John S Client