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Freight Funding


John S

"We have been with Freight Funding for years. They are very good people, no matter what the situation is they go out of their way to help everyone. All the people I deal with there are very polite and very easy to deal with. I would recommend Freight Funding to anyone that is just starting their business. Their rates for funding are very low and the job is done correct and promptly. Thank you Freight Funding for all your help throughout the years."

John S

Brenda O

"Freight funding is always a pleasure to work with. Their office staff are very friendly, professional and always on time. If ever there is a question, Brittany is prompt with a thorough answer. As a company, we can definitely say that Freight Funding has made our funding process hassle-free and simple."

Brenda O

Esther G

"I have been a client of Freight Funding since 2009, and I highly value and appreciate their services. Freight Funding gives us the freedom to focus on our drivers and customers. I would recommend Freight Funding to anybody that wants his money in the quickest manner compared the other factoring companies out there."

Esther G